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2011-08-17 16:14:08 by TwoBlueOddSocks

MY CHILDHOOD HAS RETURNED. Watching it on youtube FTW <3

Damn Scanner!

2011-08-15 19:04:27 by TwoBlueOddSocks

I hate the fact that for some reason my scanner magically won't work at all. =/ Hopefully whoever has a look will enjoy the three added pics anyway even though they are such bad quality!!!! xxx

Hello =D

2011-08-13 18:22:15 by TwoBlueOddSocks

Well it's my first time on this site and the drawings I posted are from a few years ago but I've not had time to do any more recently. I draw a brill stegasaur and protoceratops but I don't have the drawings in my posession at the moment, wish I did so that I could show you (I don't know who I'm talking to because nobody's reading since I'm new!!! =) ) xxx